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new product: VMA static mixer
VMA static mixer take the spiral blade cutting reorganization mixed, Allow the glue well mixed. Interface is a bayonet, General apply to 50ml AB glue cartridge or AB glue dispensing valve.Parameters length :mm volume: mlProductNO.IDODelementlengthTOPIDvolumeVma3.0-08s34.683610.19Vma3.0-08y34.683...

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automatic dispensing and dispensing, our products are popular in Euro and U.S. market.
about vision
Dongguan Vision Plastic & Metal Production Co., Ltd was established in 2003, the new relocation to Dongguan Chashan Town now. Since 2006, Dongguan Vision Plastic & Metal Production Co., Ltd focus on dispensing equipment, supplies R & D and production , The main products included: 3-axis dispenser, double Y dispenser, filling machine, dispensing valve, dispenser spare parts, pressure barrels, two-component hose, two-component plastic mixing tube, one-component hose , Adapters, dispensing needles, etc., are widely used in the production of electronic appliances, civil construction, automobile manufacturing, gift...
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